The fastest delivery app ever.

Imagine a world where you could have anything you wanted, INSTANTLY. What would you do with all of your extra time? Travel the world? Learn a new skill? Gain an edge on your competition? Solve world hunger? The possibilities are endless...

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01. How it works

03. Service Availability

04. FAQ Common questions

Have a question not answered here? Send us an email from the page footer. We love answering questions and hearing from you.

I want to know more. How can I find out more?

Subscribe to our email list above or checkout any of our social media pages (links in the footer).

How do I contact you/get involved?

All can be found below in the footer. You can send us an email or message us on facebook.

How can I signup?

When you download the app, you will be prompted to signup. You will have the option to signup with facebook or email at first. We are looking into other methods of signup.


Hasty values your safety above all else. We do thorough background checks and in-person interviews on each and every Hasty Hero. We want safety to never be an issue when using our service. If you feel unsafe for any reason, please contact your government's emergency service for an emergency. Feel free to contact us about any non-emergency concerns.

Privacy policy?

Hasty values your privacy. We only use information required to do business per our privacy policy. We also plan to offer private packaging for orders you would like private. More coming soon. See our privacy policy for more.

How do I get help with an order?

Send us an email at with details about you and your order and we will get back to you quickly. You can also send us feedback within the app.